Revised 01 June, 2017

HyperCloud is firmly committed to the security and protection of personal information of our Users and their contacts. This Privacy Policy describes how HyperCloud will collect, use, share and process personal information.

By accepting the HyperCloud Privacy Policy and/or using the Services You consent to the collection, use, sharing and processing of personal information as described herein. If You provide us with personal information about someone else. You confirm that they are aware that you have provided their information and that they consent to our use of their information according to our Privacy Policy.

Please note that provision of information from the HyperCloud database is constitutionally protected under applicable laws on Freedom of Expression.

  1. Personal Information Collected

1.1 User Profile

When You create a contact in your iPhone and confirm being the holder of a certain phone number, HyperCloud will collect the information provided by you. Additional information that may be provided at Your option include, but is not limited to, street address and zip code, country of residence, email address, professional website, Facebook page, Twitter address and a short status message. HyperCloud may supplement the information provided by You with information from your MyMedical app and add it to the information provided by You e.g. demographic information and additional contact information that is already provided by you in MyMedical.

1.2 Installation and Use

When You install and use HyperCloud, it will sync the personal information between You and any devices You may use with MyMedical.

1.3 Third Party Services

The information you have provided in your MyMedical app and in your HyperCloud app will not be given to any other apps or companies or be shared with any third-parties

You acknowledge and agree that any Contact Information that You share with HyperCloud is shared with your MyMedical app. In other for these information to be shared between your HyperCloud and your MyMedical, you must insert in HyperCloud your MyMedical key.

  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy

HyperCloud may at any time with or without a separate notice change this Privacy Policy and You are encouraged to review this Policy from time to time. In case of substantial changes, HyperCloud will notify the Users by email or phone call. Your continued use of HyperCloud after a notice of changes has been communicated to You or published on our website shall constitute consent to the changed policy.

  1. Contact

If You have any additional questions about HyperCloud's Privacy Policy or want to make a request regarding certain personal information, You are encouraged to contact HyperCloud / MyMedical. The contact information is:

HyperMorph, +30 210 41 31 605, John Kennenty 223 - Chaidari, Athens, Greece.